Example Website Projects

To illustrate the quality of our work we provide a selection of example websites we have built.

Discounted Business Websites

The shapest prices around - you will find no other web design agency that provides quality websites for the same anywhere.

Responsive Design

All websites are built with Responsive Design, designed to change shape and opperate just as well on tablets and cell phones.
Art and Antiques Dealers NZ

Custom Design

Our expert Joomla developers and SEO marketers are ready to add that X-factor to your website.

AAADNZ - Custom Design

Art & Antique Dealers NZ required a special website. They required an online shop that customers would find easy to use, easy to place orders and had the ability to provide special discounting.

The special discounting was unique and not a simple straight-forward addition. Our developement team rolled up their sleeves and created a system that allowed the managers to set particular items to drop in value each day to a floor, and then jump back to the original price for another period of discunting.

Small Business Website

Icelandic Horse Treks came to us asking for a simple and clean website, one that would be easy for customers to navigate and that performed well on search engines.

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